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Month: April 2017

Nature – A Big Part of My Life

Nature – A Big Part of My Life

Submitted by: Jonathan

Nature is and has always been a big part of my life. It started when I grew up in a small village in Germany, where my brothers and I used to build our own bunkers and tree house in the forests. As a teenager my family moved to Canada and bought an acreage. That’s where I learned a lot about farming and how much we as humans depend on the well-being of our planet. As I started getting into the workforce, I have noticed ow a lot of people and even companies are so concerned about the weather or pride, but don’t realize the impact they have or leave behind on this earth.

As a drafter, I worked on a lot of equipment for fracking companies, which is a big oil industry. The oil industries have a big negative impact on our planet, but without the oil our modern society could hardly function. that’s why I enjoyed working in the research and development department where I was able to improve and elaborate on new technology to make fracking more environmentally friendly.

I believe it’s only fair to take as much as you can give back. I’m also really glad that our government supports companies that take the time and effort to preserve this planet. In my family we have been taught to respect our elders and in a similar way we have to respect our planet.